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How to remove Soft Drink stains from carpets


Excellence Carpet Cleaning recognize that every home has invested a large amount of money in its carpets and every household wishes to maintain this investment by keeping the carpets clean and fresh. A typical type of stain that occurs in the household is soft drink stains. Unfortunately, these are also one of the hardest to remove if not treated immediately. We have therefore decided to provide some excellent tips as how best to deal with this horrible problem.

3 important things to consider:

(1) Time is critical – First of all, don’t panic, however, it is important that you deal with the issue immediately. If the soft drink is allowed time it will settle into the carpet fibers making it very hard to remove.

(2) Blotting – It is important to gently blot the carpet rather than rubbing it vigorously. More damage can be caused by rubbing.

(3) Do not over wet – Do not over wet the carpet at any point during the cleaning procedure. This can cause shrinkage. It is important that the spillage area is dry when finished.


Stain Removal Step 1 – Blot the spillage

As soon as the spillage occurs, use a clean white cloth and blot the area of carpet where the spillage has occurred. Some carpets are very absorbent and therefore it is important that we soak up as much of the stain as possible immediately so that the carpet fibers do not absorb the soft drink.


Stain Removal Step 2 – Use cold water and Laundry Detergent

Mix a cupful of cold water and liquid laundry detergent. Pour the solution on the spillage (remember not to over wet) and then blot the carpet. Repeat until the stain no longer exists.


Stain Removal Step 3 – Vacuum

Next, vacuum the area thoroughly.


Stain Removal Step 4 – Use of household chemicals

If the stain persists then use one of the following:

(1)   Carpet Stain Removal spray – apply according to instructions at back of spray.

(2)   Carpet shampoo and Hydrogen Peroxide – Mix a teaspoonful of carpet shampoo with a cupful of hydrogen peroxide (household bleach). Soak a sponge into the solution. Then blot the sponge onto the stained carpet area until the stain fades. It is important not to squeeze the sponge and put too much of the solution onto the carpet as this can cause your natural carpet colour to fade. Once the stain has faded then the carpet area must be neutralized. Apply warm water to the spot and blot with a clean towel until dry.


Stain Removal Step 5 – Ensure the area is dry

It is important that the carpet is dry to finish the procedure. Therefore continue to blot the carpet area until dry or use a hairdryer to speed up the process.


If Stain Persists:

Call Excellence Carpet Cleaning as soon as possible and we can help remove the stain. We have expert knowledge, industrial strength cleaning chemicals and equipment that will help get your carpet looking perfect again. We can also advise how best to take care of your carpets and put in place preventative measures to help keep your carpet stain free.


Preventatitive Measures

(1)   Apply a carpet / upholstery protector - This acts as an invisible shield that protects the carpet and upholstery from water and oil based stains and also lowers the resoiling and wear rate. Any soft drink spillage would not immediately soak into the carpet but instead would create a bead on top of it. This would allow you time to simply go to your kitchen, get kitchen towel and use to soak up the spillage. For a video demonstration of how this works please click the link – Promite Carpet Protection.


(2)   Join Excellence Carpet Cleaning’s Maintenance Plan – We offer clients a maintenance package whereby clients receive 2 full house carpet cleans per year, a free carpet protector each year (value £180) and unlimited access to receive callouts for spot and stain removal. Therefore if ever the worst happens and you are unable to get rid of a soft drink stain then we shall come out and remove it for you. By joining the maintenance plan you could save up to £300 per year on your carpet cleaning costs. For more details please click the link – Monthly Maintenance Plan.

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