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How we clean carpets

At Excellence Carpet Cleaning we only have one standard of service – the very best high quality, professional cleaning. We have 10 stages to our carpet cleaning process and it is important that if you contract a carpet cleaner, they undertake all of these stages.

Stage 1 - Move Large Furnishings

We will move certain moveable furnishings eg. coffee tables, chairs. We would generally clean around larger, heavy furnishings. For insurance reasons, we would ask that you move your smaller, valuable items eg. ornaments before we arrive.

Stage 2 - Dry Vacuuming

Carpets are fully vacuum cleaned using a high filtration cleaning system, which is specifically designed for professional cleaning.

Stage 3 - Pre spray and stain spotting

A special pre spray is applied and massaged into the carpet, which helps breakdown the soil, dirt and dust deep in the carpet pile. Stains are analysed and appropriate stain removal solutions are applied in order to breakdown the stain.

Stage 4 - Deep Hot water Extraction Cleaning

We then use the best hot water extraction unit on the market and the Rotovac power wand to spray special cleaning solutions and agitate into the carpet breaking down the dirt, bacteria and other pollutants. The triple vacuum system on our units have incredible suction power and are able to suck up all of the dirt and chemicals out of your carpet. The Rotovac power wand is the best piece of equipment on the market and will easily leave your carpets looking like new again.

Stage 5 - Protective tabs

We then reposition your larger furnishings and place protective tabs underneath the legs. The reason for doing this is to prevent any moisture left in the carpet from causing a colour stain from the legs of the furniture. These stains are hard to remove.

Stage 6 - Rapid Drying

We then turbo dry the carpets by blowing hot air over them causing your carpets to dry faster. The quicker the carpets dry then the quicker you can use them again.

Stage 7 - Client Inspection

Clients are asked to inspect the carpets to ensure that they are happy that they have been fully cleaned and that all stains have been removed.

Stage 8 - Apply Protector

We advise all clients to have Promite carpet protector applied to the carpet as this will protect against permanent staining, helps keep carpets cleaner for longer, kills all dustmites and prevents them living in the carpet for 12 months.

"We have never been unable to get rid of a stain on a carpet or upholstery if it has been stain protected."

For more details of the carpet protector and a video demonstration please visit our Promite carpet protection page.

Stage 9 - Carpet Grooming

The carpets are then groomed with a special carpet brush, allowing the protector to be massaged into the carpet, ensuring that it is spread evenly and coats every carpet fibre.

Stage 10 - Final Touches

All skirting boards are wiped down of any over spray and we have a final customer inspection to ensure you are fully satisfied with our work. We leave the turbo driers on whilst we pack away our equipment to ensure that your carpets dry in the minimum time possible.

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